SINCE 1998


Arlac was established in 1998, born from previously made experiences, such as theatrical and exhibition setups, and from joint projects with museum operators and art galleries.

Our skills can satisfy the most diverse needs in the field: setup, illumination design, creation of professional and customized packages, bases for sculptures, carpentry works, office furniture, shelving, structures and items for fair booths and stands, etc.

From the experience within the smelters of our region stems our competency in the setup and maintenance of sculptures.

Everything is complemented by a transport service with specialized staff for the most diverse needs regarding the packaging and the installation of  artworks.


SINCE 1990


Within a joint project with Comune di Verona, we handled and installed the artifacts of the archeology museum of Teatro Romano, in Verona.

   – Boccioni (1991)

   – Afro (1992)

   – Marino Marini (1994)

   – Thomas Corey (1995)

   – Melotti (1996)

   – Morandi (1997)

   – De Chirico (1998)

   – Toti Scialoja (1999)

   – Valerio Adami (2000)

   – Dessi (2001)

   – Eliseo Mattiacci (2002)

   – Consagra (2007)

   – Burri (2013)

   – Spagnulo (2014)

SINCE 1997

art fairs

Since 1997, we have been providing our services during the setting up of art fairs, including: 

    – Art Basel, Basel

    – Arte Fiera, Bologna

    – MiArt, Milan

    – FIAC, Paris

    – Art Verona, Verona

DAL 2002


We collaborated with the City of Verona for the exhibitions:

    – “Metafore Barocche”, Lucio Fontana, 

         Palazzo Forti (2002)

    –   Handling of lunette, Cappella dei

         Notai Palazzo della Ragione (2008)

    –   Girolamo dai Libri, Castelvecchio (2008)

    – “Il Mito”, Marc Quinn, vari siti (2009)

    – “Dagli Asburgo al Regno di Italia“,

         Arsenale (2011)

    –   Handling and installation of the finds

         of the archaeological museum of the

         Roman Theatre of Verona (2015-2016)

SINCE 1997


We offer our services throughout Italy and also abroad.

     – “I Teatrini“, Fausto Melotti,

          Pinacoteca of Como (1997)

     –   Nunzio e Dessi, Fondazione

          Pomodoro, Milan (2011)

     –   Isgrò / Castagna, GNAM, Rome (2013)

     – ”Roma eterna”, Santarelli Collection, 

          Basel (2014)

     – ”Ma...un' estensione”, Ca' Pesaro, 

          Venice (2015)

     –   Marc Chagall, Museo Santa Giulia,

          Brescia (2015)

     –   Christo, Museo Santa Giulia, 

          Brescia (2016)

     –   Romanino / Previati, Creberg,

          Bergamo (2013)

     –   Tiepolo, Creberg, Bergamo (2016)

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