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Scheda tecnica casse a standard museale 

Scheda tecnica doppie casse a standard museale

Every artwork presents specific features that emphasise its value. It is thus vital for each one of them to have its adequate packaging, in order to safely transport it. Our staff can take all the adjustments needed for a proper handling.

The packages are custom-built and propose in every circumstance the optimal solution to preserve the artwork at all stages of its displacement. 

Upon verification of the accurate size of the artwork, we proceed with the creation of its wooden box (made of multi-layer pinewood), reinforced with sprucewood diagonals, and eventually refined with fireproof paint, handles and identification writings.


On the inside of the crate, polyethylene is placed in order to immobilize the artwork and let it “rest” during the trip, sheltered from dangerous swings. 

Upon request, you can also customize your crate with paint of your choice. Thanks to our advanced workshop, we can comply with any specific need you could ask.

All packaging materials in contact with the artwork do not release any kind of sediment. We can also provide cardboard and bubble wrap packagings for not too fragile artworks. 

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