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Our staff’s proficiency ensures efficiency and safety in the transport. Aside from the usual withdrawal and delivery operations, we install the artwork, offering further assistance: crafting of supporting structures, providing of assistance for the handling of sculptures, fixing of objects on the wall, lighting, etc.


The experience within museums, galleries and individuals, combined with the availability of an advanced woodworking factory, allows us to create customized items to meet every artistic setup need, such as:

- Exhibitions supports (bases for artworks, with paint of your choice)

- Showcases, shrines (also for walls)

- Signage for exhibitions

- Museums furniture

- Interior design (tables, chest of drawers, repositories, counters,      

  desks, shelvings, etc.)

Furthermore, we can deliver the appropriate technical support to the artist, creating frames, picture frames (oval-shaped, triangular, asymmetrical, etc.), structures and bases for sculptures and carvings.

Our assistance is intended to solve the most diverse setting-up problems and to enhance artworks.

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